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Proud to be camireño and belong to the branch of the sky that is Camiri , so I am pleased to present to all camireño (a) this page information in this way ( with information concerning the history, culture, traditions and show how our city today.

The purpose is to provide readers online is information on the major events that have taken place in our city, from its founding until today.

This information work is an effort to me that I have researched and prepared, which seek to provide complete information on the history of Camiri , which can be a source of information in the clouds to those wanting to know this beautiful city which is "Camiri" .

The Camiri information page took place entirely in the city of Santa Cruz of the Sierra where I live, always carrying in my heart to my city "Camiri ", as demonstrated by this initiative.

It is my desire as camireño this site to be useful information for all people in general, that one way or another, are interested to know and remember our history, culture and traditions.

I give the WELCOME to the first page of information Camiri City Oil , hoping that you will enjoy it while I invite you to visit all sections and send comments .

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"Camiri - Oil City
Chaco beautiful land where there is abundant HONEY and LEMON is SWEET."

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